What is Flat Fee Building?

My Great Grandfather originally founded Ben Dailey & Son in 1901. He was highly regarded for doing all of the trim work in the State Capital. In 1996, we recognized the need to restructure the common “cost over-runs” that plagued the industry. Ben Dailey and Sons became the 1st Flat Fee Builder in Atlanta! Our unique approach virtually eliminates cost over runs and guarantees the projects to finish on time. Written estimates from subcontractors are obtained initially to ensure that the project is within your budget and finishes on time. Flat fee building bases our fees on the time to complete the project rather than the standard practice of marking up the subcontracts’ fee 30% or more. There is no other contractor in Atlanta that will tell you his fees up front, and guarantee that project’s timely completion. With Ben Dailey and Sons, there is no additional fee if the project should run over schedule. Also, we ask for no money up front and you only pay when the work is completed!

About Patrick Dailey

I am the 3rd generation owner of Ben Dailey & Sons. After receiving my MBA from the University of Minnesota, I spent 8 years in high-tech software development. I then relocated to Atlanta and have been building custom homes from the ground up for over a decade. I have hands on experience in all areas of home building including Electrical, Plumbing, Foundation and Framing. Rarely will you find a builder that is as well rounded in all aspects of home building as well as education.

Should you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 404.396.8877 or daileytp@gmail.com.