Terms of Contract

General Provisions:

Activities will be so scheduled and performed as to minimize disruption in the use of the house. Ben Dailey and Sons will be subject to and at all times conform to the Homeowner’s rules and requirements consistent with the expeditious completion of the project in a workman like manner and in accordance with usual trade practice. Also, the job site will be a non-smoking environment.

Maintenance of Premises:

Ben Dailey and Sons will at all times keep the entire job site free of rubbish and debris caused by my work and contractors. Upon completion of the work, we will leave the entire job site and surroundings clean and free of rubbish. Any non-working areas shall be protected.


The work described in this proposal is hereby guaranteed against any and all defective materials and/or workmanship for a period of one (1) year (12months). This guarantee is to run from the date on which completed work is turned over to and accepted by the Homeowner. Any contractor’s bills in my possession will be submitted to you by Wednesday of each week for payment on Friday.